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Beyond Seven Condoms

Beyond Seven Condoms

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Beyond Seven condoms are made of Super Thin Sheerlon®, an advanced material so strong and durable, it can be made much thinner than an ordinary latex rubber condom.

Sheerlon® has a silkier, more natural feel, much like skin itself. Beyond 7 Condoms are lightly lubricated for even more comfort. The Sheerlon® difference is a difference you can see, but most importantly it is a difference you will both feel.

You'll have the confidence and protection you need, with the sensitive loving closeness you want.

Product Details

  • Head Width: 53mm / 2.08"
  • Shaft Width: 53mm / 2.08"
  • Base Width: 53mm / 2.08"
  • Length: 185mm / 7.28"
  • Thickness: 0.052mm / 0.002"
  • Lubrication: Water Based
  • Special Features: Reservoir Tip
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